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Product Manager

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We are on a mission to create a better, happier and more productive work environment for everyone, world-wide. Listening to and connecting with employees is a major enabler of organizational health, growth and as an effect, success. That is what we at Effectory do: enabling organizations, teams and employees to listen, to learn and to act and improve. To build on and innovate our product & platform we are looking for a Product Manager to join our Product & Tech ranks.

How Product & Tech is organized

We have a Central Product Design led by our CPO and CTO who are responsible for creating a sound vision and strategy on our product and platform from a content, user journey and technical perspective. Central Product Design outlines a consistent product & platform scope into a tactical roadmap that can be built by our development teams and can be run by our project teams.

The central strategy and tactical roadmap is brought to life by our new to form Product Management team and our development teams. Working based on a subscription and increasing SaaS model means we work with different client & plan segments. This asks for clear Product management, optimization and support per segment to help sell, run and gather feedback within plans.


Our Product Management team will translate and operationalize the central product design to plans & segments and fuel the innovation and feedback loop! You as a Product Manager are part of the Product Management team, consisting of 2 product managers and 2 product educators. Together you have the responsibility of plan/segment success, keeping overview of and scripting the content of our subscription plan(s), services, training and digital materials.

Responsibilities & tasks

As a product manager it is your responsibility to ensure the commercial & operational success of a plan (or multiple plans) across a segment; you are the main point of contact and have the overview across the following task areas.

You will be:

  • Monitoring and ensuring the commercial & operational success of respective plans/segments. We are still in the process of determining the exact division between plans and segments, e.g. for which Plan(s) and within which segments will the Product Manager be responsible.
  • The main point of contact for the project teams within your plan/segment. You support their questions and ensure their product knowledge is optimal (together with the Product Educator)
  • Gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback from sales, clients, users and market segments
  • Evaluating plan/ pricing models and add-ons on a recurring and continuous basis
  • A key stakeholder for Central Product design and Product owners. Good to know: across plans & segments we will use the same platform and the same vision. It is up to you to ensure your internal users (client success, sales and support) know everything there is to know to sell and run your plan(s) and corresponding products/project types. At the same time you ensure a fantastic user experience for our end-users by sharing your feedback and knowledge with Central product design, the product owners and importantly the other product manager(s) and product educators.



  • You are eager to discover what will increase the commercial and operational success of your plan(s) - segment(s) combination
  • You use qualitative and quantitative measures to know what is important to your users (interviews, evaluations, data etc)
  • You are able to switch between strategic and operational choices and to discern value
  • You are capable to operate effectively in an environment of change and can support people in transitioning from the old to the new
  • You are very capable of managing internal and external client expectations
  • You have an innovative mindset, solve problems by default and know how to structure processes for delivering our products and services to clients
  • You have a high learning ability to quickly adapt with both our product vision and our changing systems & software (since they will impact your work)
  • You are interested in product & software development and you keep yourself and your allocated project teams well informed of new developments and changes
  • You keep an eye on the knowledge of your allocated internal and external users and involve product educators to ensure everyone's knowledge is optimal.
  • You love to experiment around solutions. You know how to translate a need you see into practical and impactful feedback and solutions
  • You have a self-starting mentality and are enthusiastic about working in a self-organizing team and organization.
  • You have 2-5 years of experience as a product manager, experience in a SaaS product is a definite advantage.
  • Fluent in Dutch AND English

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