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Effectory – Europe’s leading provider of Employee Listening solutions – is a thriving company with more than 200 entrepreneurial, young and ambitious professionals who help organizations to collect feedback and ideas from their employees. Our mission is to make the working world a better place. Based in the center of Amsterdam, Munich, Malmö and Cape Town, our multi-disciplinary and self-managing teams collaborate with more than 1.200 clients in over 110 countries in ‘industries’ as varied as Retail, Production, Business & Financial Services and Non-Profit.

With over 20 years of experience, we use our smart, innovative feedback tools to enable organizations to receive feedback throughout the entire employee journey. Want to join and strengthen our teams? Check out our open vacancies!

Inclusion & Diversity: Our foundation for making the working world a better place

At Effectory, we strive for inclusion and diversity (I&D) to become part of our DNA.  We know it takes time to grow that muscle but together, we aim to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative.  A culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diversity of our employees. We see it as a privilege to learn from every single person and use what we learn to better serve our clients and their employees. 

Meet some of our heroes

Our 200 enthusiastic employees know best

Shane Wijnhoven
Corporate Recruiter
Sanne Sant
Corporate Recruiter
Ekaterina Belousova
Software Developer
Donavan Schot
IT Support Engineer
Vladimir Popu
Performance Coach
Felicity Pope
Hans Helms
Nuo Chen
Software Developer
Christa Plukkel
People Coach
Michelle Yuen
Product Designer
Gio Sandaal
Print & Repro
Chantal Holla
Business Process Developer
Patrick Vervoort
Catering Coordinator
Arjen Swank
International Sales Consultant
Sacha Komor
Project Manager
Khaled Ramzi
Software Developer
Marion Evrard
Application Support Engineer
Bart Vosmer
Customer Succes Manager

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